WUTMARC  specializes in the production of titanium ingots by electron beam remelting.

It is a melting method using an electron beam. It is used in the melting of highly pure materials. With electron beam melting, there is almost no contamination of the material with foreign impurities. Due to the presence of high vacuum, it is possible to remove impurities from the material. Ease of control of the power of the electron beam allows you to use a variety of melting modes. The melt temperature may exceed the melting point. Our industrial electronic melting furnaces produce ingots up to several meters long and weighing up to several tons. Compared to melting in arc or open-hearth furnaces, electron beam technologies have less emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and less energy consumption.


Therefore, we can offer our customers products at a more competitive price, with consistently high quality.

The capabilities of our titanium production allow us to produce titanium grades Grade 1 and Grade 2 in accordance with ASTM B265 in such standard sizes and quantities:

-slabs of 220*1300*4000 mm up to 110 tons/month.

- slabs of 400*1300*4000 mm up to 160 tons/month.

- round ingots with a diameter of 630 mm length of 2000 mm up to 60 tons/month.

We guarantee our customers high quality products and stable supplies.

We are interested in signing long-term supply contracts.

The production facilities of the enterprise are located in Ukraine, Kyiv region.



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