Porous metal filters FILMARC®

General description 

FILMARC® products are used at filtration of gases and liquids, isolation, damping, protection, fluidization, etc. They maintain big temperature and are used in various hostile environment. Porous elements for filters are made of high-quality steel, bronze, nickel-based alloys, titanium and other special alloys. Production is carried out on unique technology without use of a welding seam, and the sizes of products reach up to 1500 mm on length and up to 320 mm on diameter.


Main directions of application of FILMARC®:

Gas filtration (up to 1000°C) at:

- power plants;

- steel plants;

- ammonia production plants;

- poly-silicon productions.

Liquid filtration:

- regeneration of the catalyst;

- hydrogen peroxide;

- caprolactam.

Special application:

- dispersion;

- and also in other fields of the chemical and food industry, in power and ecological technologies.



Almost all produced metals can be processed into powder. Shape, size and distribution of metal particles - important parameters which give properties of high porosity to the sintered structural elements. Besides properties such as flowing ability, the cleaning characteristic and mechanical stability, rises sharply a question of resistance to corrosion of elements of the filter in process use. In connection with these requirements - FILMARC®IS elements are specified, depending on certain requirements, on the wide range of materials from which high-porous elements of filters are produced. The most widely applied materials are Cr-Ni alloys, titanium, monel, inconel and others.

FILMARC®IS filter elements is made by cold isostatic sintering. During forming and sintering metal powder is put in a stamp which is made of solid steel and elastomeric material.

In the course of comprehensive pressing of material, in liquid the uniform porosity of a press product is created, and because of this homogeneous physical properties of filter elements are provided.


With this method seamless filter elements are made up to 1500 mm long and with a diameter up to 320 mm and with walls of various thickness. This process of an isostatic way of pressing allows to carry out flanges molding-on and a screw thread so assembling of the filtering boss and filtering tubes solves constructive and simply. Thus welded seams will be eliminated, and installation of cartridges of such filters in the filter device becomes much simpler. Advantage of the isostatic technique in comparison with other production technologies consists in production of small quantity of products, what is also economic.

After extraction from a press-form pressed detail is exposed to sintering in specially developed furnaces. Sintering - the main stage of processing of products from the powdery metal (PM), thanks to connection of powder particles which sintered at temperatures which are much lower than temperature of melting of material due to diffusion processes. After sintering, even at the microscopic level, there is no physical division of separate metal particles. Separate parts of grains of original powder metal strongly connect among themselves and the uniform high-porous detail (element) of the filter is formed.


FILMARC®IS-elements are used as independent structural elements in various filtration installations. After sintering both pores sizes and positions mechanically don't change.


The most innovative item for chemical industry are the patented metal membranes FILMARC®AS.

FILMARC®AS is asymmetrically designed metal membrane at which the thin active filter-bed is got on more rough basic element of the filter by means of the patented way (in traditionally produced IS- or AX-elements).


Together with creation the asymmetric design functions of durability are formed independently of each other, and function of detention of particles. As a result of this optimum combination, metal membranes of FILMARC®AS are really irreplaceable and convenient.

Putting a thin layer is done by methode of dispersion of suspension of extremely small metal powder on largely porous basis which consists of standard sintered products of type FILMARC®IS. As a result of the subsequent sintering a uniform metal layer is formed with thickness approximately of 200 μ, which metal is firmly connected with largely porous basis that excludes formation of cracks and flaking of a layer. In comparison with bigger porous basis, the put layer has considerably smaller pore size, due to this particles are been left on a surface of this filter-layer during filtration. The main part (big porous basis) has no noticeable influence on process of filtration and just serves in order that guarantee very insignificant pressure drop.

As a result of long-term improvement the sintered membrane which combines high passability and very low pressure decrease is offered and also at the same time keeps all advantages of the sintered metal filters.

Filters FILMARC®AS are characterized by the following special distinctive features which are very favorable at operation:

- 4-levels flow capacity;

- improved properties of back flushing cleaning, as a result of the reduced pressure drop;

- filtration of submicronic particles;

- essential increase in service life;

- economic use;

- ideal purity of filtration without preliminary collecting of filter cake is possible.

Properties of filters FILMARC®IS and FILMARC®AS

The following important characteristics are features of FILMARC® elements:

- shape stability, thus the self-bearing structural elements are resistant to high pressure and also its oscillations;

- especially good properties at long loading, at vibration, with high pulse pressures and under other changing external conditions;

- high thermal stability and thermal stability to 950°С;

- high degree of permeability what follows low pressure of filtering material (liquid, gas, petrol) at the exit;

- accurate separator characteristics, due to homogeneous distribution and pore sizes;

- chemical resistance to acids and caustic substances;

- cleaning with back flushing, chemical solvents, thermal way, ultrasound and oversaturated hot vapor;

- the used material is suitable for soldering and welding and also for machining.

Application of filters FILMARC®IS and FILMARC®AS

- at polysilicon production;

- at separation and return of catalysts;

- in petrol processing production;

- in chemical industry;

- at filtration of gases and liquids;

- in aerosol separation;

- in aeration;

- at fluidization;

- in the air bearing at production of polymeric plates;

- in noise suppression;

- filtration of vegetable oil;               -

- filtration against the directed stream;

- in the medical equipment;

- in the analytical equipment.


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