The use of lead
Acid industry: the resistance of lead to sulfuric and hydrochloric acid causes its use to protect equipment from an aggressive environment.
Electroplating: Lead coating of chrome baths with electrolyte is dictated by the anti-corrosion resistance of lead.
Electrical engineering and cable industry: lead is used to prevent corrosion of wires, when manufacturing chemical sources of current.
Transport: this metal is used for casting special antifriction alloys.
Military industry: bullets for firearms are cast on the basis of lead, initiating explosives are created from lead salts.
Protection from radiation: a twenty-centimeter layer of lead protects a person from the action of any radiation.
Science: the ratio of isotopes of lead determine the age of geological rocks.
Culture: lead is a part of printing alloys and some paints (crowns, curds, whites).
The glass industry: lead oxide is a component of crystal, crystals, glass for optical instruments.
Medicine: lead is used in the production of bile, as well as to protect medical personnel from x-ray exposure. For a person, this metal is dangerous: causes dysfunction of the nervous and cardiovascular system.