Machine building industry

Steels with high elastic properties find wide application in machine-building and instrument-making. In mechanical engineering they are used for the manufacture of springs, shock absorbers, power springs for various purposes, for instrumentation - for numerous elastic elements: membranes, springs, relay plates, bellows, stretch marks, suspensions.

Springs, springs of machines and elastic elements of devices are characterized by a variety of shapes, sizes, different working conditions. The peculiarity of their work is that in the case of large static, cyclic or shock loads, residual deformation is not allowed in them. In this regard, all the spring alloys, in addition to the mechanical properties characteristic of all structural materials (strength, ductility, viscosity, endurance), must have a high resistance to small plastic deformations. Under conditions of short-term static loading, the resistance to small plastic deformations is characterized by the elastic limit, with prolonged static or cyclic loading, by relaxation stability