Construction materials

Alloys used for the manufacture of various structures must be strong and easy to process.
Alloys of iron and aluminum are most widely used in construction and in mechanical engineering.
Such alloys of iron as steel are distinguished by their high strength and hardness. They can be forged, pressed, welded.

Cast iron is used to make massive and very durable parts. For example, earlier radiators of central heating, sewer pipes were cast from cast iron, boilers, railings and bridge supports are still manufactured. Products made of cast iron are manufactured using casting.
Aluminum alloys used in structures, along with strength, should be easy to distinguish. Duralumin, silumin - aluminum alloys, they are indispensable in aircraft, wagon and shipbuilding.
Some parts of the aircraft use magnesium alloys, very light and heat-resistant.
In rocket engineering, light and heat-resistant alloys based on titanium are used.
To improve the impact resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, alloys alloy - add special additives. The addition of manganese, makes the steel shockproof. To obtain stainless steel, the composition of the alloy is injected with chromium.