30 December 2017
Replacing your everyday gas guzzler with a hydrogen-fueled car could drastically reduce your carbon footprint. So why don't we all make the switch? One of reason is the expensive platinum catalyst required to operate hydrogen fuel cells efficiently.
29 August 2017
India's crude steel production grew 3.5 per cent to 8.36 million tonnes (MT) in July this year, says the latest report by World Steel Association.
25 August 2017
Backed by strong demand from China, flat steel producers who raised prices at the beginning of August by up to Rs 3,000, one of the steepest in recent times, are mulling an increase next month.
22 August 2017
SA’s steel production recovered by 7.6% in July to 493,000 tons from June’s 458,000 tons, but this still left steel output down 6.3% from a year ago, according to the World Steel Association.
17 November 2017
Working on the Ariel Hipercar project, Powdertech Surface Science has developed a process, that uses no adhesives, for bonding polypropylene glass fibre composite to aluminium for the vehicle’s monocoque chassis.
10 Martha 2018
As it did for many businesses, the Great Recession exposed Maysteel’s weakness. But today the Wisconsin custom fabricator has a renewed focus and is again on the growth path.
04 January 2018
Copper was trading in a tight range during Asian trading hours on Thursday January 4 amid mixed market sentiment following the release of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes overnight.

 WUTMARC company  – is vertically-integrated  holding company, which operates in four main areas:

- welding material and equipment (WUTMARC WELDING TECHNOLOGY)

- special steels and alloys (WUTMARC SPECIAL ALLOYS)

- stainless steels  (WUTMARC STAINLESS STEELS)

- non-ferrous metal (WUTMARC NON-FERROS)